Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening is currently the most popular form of teeth whitening and our preferred method because it’s precise, fast, convenient and long lasting. What used to take 10 days with bleach trays now takes just an hour and a half.

Come in and listen to music with provided iPods and noise cancelling headphones (or bring your own!) while you sit back, relax and get a whiter smile.


Custom Bleach Trays
We also offer the more traditional bleach tray method for teeth whitening as a more affordable option. We take an impression and create custom trays into which you place whitening gel and wear over the course of ten days to whiten your teeth.


Teeth Whitening Cost
Salt Lake Smile Design offers competitive prices for both Zoom whitening and bleach tray options. Contact us for a quote or schedule a consultation today. Also check our Facebook page for discounts and promotions.