Through my studies, I acquired a love for the art and science of dentistry that I now nurture every day by giving patients beautiful, healthy smiles. I constantly marvel at Mother Nature’s work, and when I restore teeth, I try to follow the laws of nature to replicate her genius.

I partner with extremely talented ceramists who shares my passion for cosmetic and rehabilitative dentistry, and a deep knowledge of the guiding principles of dental aesthetics. These qualities allow us to achieve beautiful, natural looking results.

I have two adorable children, Sean and Kate, who inspire me daily. I enjoy treating families, and make it a priority that everyone, from infant to elderly, has a positive, comfortable experience.

Outside of the office, I enjoy riding my motorcycle, playing the drums, studying the universe and photographing the beautiful world we live in (You’ll see many examples in my office!).

I cherish the trust my patients give me, and would be honored to be your dentist!