Salt Lake Smile Design Process

Dr. Barnhisel, DDS and his ceramists are skilled craftsmen and artists who strive tirelessly to achieve a natural looking smile customized to your unique facial structure. Here is a summary of the process we follow which generally takes about two to three weeks.


Introductory Meeting
Dr. Barnhisel will meet you to listen and learn exactly what you want to accomplish aesthetically with your Smile Design. We bring our ceramists into the process early to ensure we’re all working toward the same goal.


Preparation & Planning
Next, we lay the groundwork by taking impressions, creating models and crafting a blueprint for the procedure. Depending on the extent of the work, this prep work might involve using cutting edge cone beam scanning to create a three-dimensional digital image of your facial structure. This technology allows Dr. Barnhisel to plan the procedure virtually before setting foot in the operatory to ensure a smooth process. The Smile Design is then presented for your review, and we make necessary adjustments based on your  feedback.


Crown/Veneer Creation
After preparing your teeth, Dr. Barnhisel takes impressions that he passes on to our ceramists to start making the porcelain crowns or veneers. In the interim, Dr. Barnhisel creates and provides you with temporary restorations that give you a chance to see what the final result will look like and to make any changes before our ceramists begins their work.

Our ceramists use their artistic talent and keen understanding of light, shadow, form, symmetry and the laws of nature that influence aesthetics to craft beautiful, natural looking porcelain crowns and veneers.


Placement of Restorations
Once you are fully satisfied with the final product in terms of color, shape and overall look and feel, Dr. Barnhisel will replace the temporary crowns with your permanent ones.

Our goal throughout this process is to have you be an active part of the design by giving us frequent and honest feedback so that you walk out of our office with a smile on your face that you love.